HIVA produces crystal clear, top quality, ice blocks for creating ice sculptures.  With our unique freezing system, developed in house, the filtered water freezes to create an ice block with perfect clarity and hardness.  HIVA ice is un-mistakable by the sublime blue hue.  Our ice blocks are highly appreciated and recognized by ice sculptors from all over the world as the number one choice and are used by national and international ice sculpture festivals, shows and events.

Are you looking for an original gift or stunning centre piece for your wedding, product launch, store opening or other party events?  Why not ask HIVA to freeze in money, bottles, new products or even an engagement ring to make a memorable impact.

Ice-Blocks will etch your company logo, picture or text in a crystal clear standard block or slab.  The etching will be of the highest quality using detailed fine designs on our computer programmed machine.




From Ice Block to personalized piece

Don't hesitate to order online via from our list of different sized ice bocks today.  HIVA guarantees you a quick delivery form our large stock held in numerous freezer storage rooms.   We have a total capacity of 5000 m3.  We produce and store 2900 tons of ice blocks a year.

We can also freeze in objects and pictures and etch your logos or text into a standard ice block or slab.  Most objects will freeze in, if you are not sure please contact us with your questions.  To customize you ice block with your unique etching it is better to contact us and tell us what you want and we will advise you with the possiblities. 

Transport of ice blocks

HIVA does not provide its own transport, but works closely with numerous transport firms.  The ice blocks are wrapped in protective and light, insulated material, allowing transportation for 2 hours in standard non-refrigerated trucks, during normal circumstances.  If you like we can advise you about transport.